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Website Design & SEO

Marketing Rule Number 5: Get Found online

We can't keep up with the right statistic - but it's big and getting bigger. One article we've just seen states that over 90% of the purchasing decision is made online. 

90%. That's incredible. So before you've even spoken to a potential client, they have been looking and researching online to answer questions about what they want and where they can find it. And hopefully they found you. That's why your website is so incredibly important and why we've created this page.

A really important point to remember is that your website, albeit very important, is only one tool in your marketing toolkit. It needs to fit in with your overall marketing strategy - actually it needs to be central to it in your content marketing. But it is just one tool. You get amazing traction when you can combine it with your offline activities as well.


What we often find with clients is that they know they need a great website. They know they want it to be found. They know they want it to reflect their brand. But they're just not sure how to do it.

We've worked with many website developers - some brilliant and some not so good. Your web developer really needs to understand SEO and your online marketing needs. Otherwise you may end up with a pretty website that no one can find unless they know your company name already. That's ok if all you need is an online brochure but if you want to build your business, you need a better solution.

No matter who you use, Wildmoon can assist you in ensuring that you have a focus on the right keywords, that your website architecture is right and that you're asking for all the right bells and whistles that you should expect from your site. It's important you get it right - and we can help you achieve this.


And now we come to the all important getting found online. SEO takes time. It is a process that takes months to produce results - and it is a moving feast as Google keeps moving the goal posts. Rightly so. They just want to ensure the best results come up in search engines. They don't want some web spammer getting the best listing. So they give priority to websites with great, original content; that are optimised and set up correctly; and that are highly referred.

We offer full SEO services for small to mid tier businesses.