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Market Research

Marketing Rule Number 1: Know your customer

The starting point of any engagement with our clients begins with knowing your customers. Understanding and knowing (not guessing) what your clients want and think about you, is incredibly important when developing your marketing strategy. Fortunately market research does not need to be prohibitively expensive. Technology has made information more readily available, and if used well, will provide some powerful insights for you.

Following are the areas where Wildmoon can help you.

Keyword Research

As you know our world is online. (After all you're online right now, checking out Wildmoon to see whether we're going to fit the bill for your needs - aren't you?!).

So understanding how people are searching for your business is crucial not only for your website but all your communications. Wildmoon can work with you to develop your keyword targets and strategy.

Market landcsape

Knowing you market landscape is useful too. What's the future of your industry looking like? Could someone like Uber come in and move the goal posts for how your industry works? Thinking beyond your own industry parameters may be important to ensure you're business is still relevant. We help you stretch your thinking and understand the opportunities and threats.

Brand benchmarks

Developing your brand and how you want to appear in the world is very important. It needs to feel right so you create the culture and communications across your organisation. Wildmoon will help you identify industry and non-industry benchmarks for your brand - and apply some of these key learnings to your brand strategy and marketing strategy.

Online customer surveys

With the advent of some amazing online tools, we can now get to know your clients better. We've had excellent results for online client surveys - with response rates of around 15%. We can bring this knowledge to you and help you set your on internal benchmark measures so you can track your performance into the future.

In-depth interviews

We've put it last but this really is the most important tool in our research services. Georgie Gallagher of Wildmoon has years of experience in speaking with high level customers as an independent person learning about the performance of your organisation. Independence is what makes this so powerful, as your clients open up and share the good and the bad, and highlight areas where you can improve. This provides substance and direction for your marketing strategy.

Contact us today to find out how Wildmoon can help with your market research - 08 9383 2676.

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