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Let's make your marketing kick some goals


At Wildmoon, our marketing consultants have been building brands and developing winning marketing plans for small, medium and large organisations since January 2000. We're passionate about developing the right marketing strategy for you - both online and offline - so you get great results.

We often hear from clients who are totally confused. Where do you spend your money to get results? How do customers find you in this cluttered, chaotic, over-communicated world? How can you stand out? And how can you achieve the results you're after?

what you need to know

Key Change Number 1 - Over the past decade or so, the world of marketing has been turned on its head. We've been 'Googlefied'. When someone needs to know something, they Google it. When someone wants to find where to buy something, around 90% of the time they Google it. If you're not online, you're not in the game.

Key Change Number 2 - Instead of talking to (or yelling at) consumers and clients, we're now engaging and building relationships with them. The internet has produced endless possibilities for this engagement to happen. But the rules have changed so much, it's unclear what's working and what's not. 

Key Change Number 3 - With all these online changes, some people are forgetting that good old fashioned  offline tactics still have a place in their marketing efforts. Neglecting this area is at your peril. Marrying offline with online tactics is where you can really build your marketing momentum.


Your brand and marketing strategy needs be a coordinated set of tactics that work in together in one marketing system. We can help you achieve this.

We offer you clarity and solid, evidence-based marketing planning. We get to know you, your organisation, your customers and what you're trying to achieve before we jump into action.

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Space to think...

Time to get it right...

Confidence in your marketing strategy.

That's what we can do for you.

Our aim is to make your marketing dollar work hard for you, deliver outstanding results and most importantly, make you happy.

About Wildmoon founder, Georgie Gallagher


Georgie has around 30 years experience in applying marketing and branding principles to products and services in Australia and throughout Asia.

Branding is her passion. She began her career with Delta West pharmaceuticals (now Pfizer) in international marketing and product management. This then lead to a career with Bonlac Foods based in Melbourne as their Brand Manager for Food Service Products for Asia.

Georgie started Wildmoon in January 2000. Since that time, Wildmoon has become a respected marketing consulting company in the Western Australian market working on significant brand and marketing communications projects. Please see our Marketing Case Studies for examples of this work.

Georgie is proud to be a Certified Practising Marketer with the Australian Marketing Institute.



  • Building Royal Perth Hospital to first ranking for graduate nurse preferences
  • Launching AQWAThe Aquarium of Western Australia - into the Western Australian market
  • Successfully building AQWA's -  - local client base by over 50% over Summer
  • Successfully launching Pickles Auctions into the Perth market
  • Winning the Australian Technology Awards for Wavenet International Limited