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Heads Up: Are You Telling Your Competitors Your Online Strategy?


By Georgie Gallagher

Depending on who developed your website, you may or may not be aware of what you're telling the world and what you're telling your competitiors.

What I'm talking about is meta keywords. This used to be an area filled with information about the keywords you were chasing. Now it just tells competitors what you're trying to rank in - and gives them the heads up to chase these keywords too.

So here's a quick tip. Remove your Meta keywords so you aren't giving away your game.

And while we're talking websites, here are two more best practice tips for your website set up.

1. Keep your Meta Title tags between 50 – 60 characters AND put key words first in the Meta Title – then your company name. 

2. Keep your Meta Description between 150 – 160 characters and use compelling keywords and phrases. The meta description is not important for SEO rankings however it does affect click through rates from Search Engine Result Pages (or SERPs in geek speak). Your meta description should use keywords that the user is looking for and create a compelling case to click through to your website.

So make sure you low what your website is telling the world. 

Happy Marketing,


Georgie Gallagher is the founder of Wildmoon, a specialist marketing agency for manufacturing and B2B businesses based in Perth and Western Australia. Wildmoon helps with brand development, marketing strategy, marketing communications and strategic content marketing.