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Brand of the Month: Bank on Dave


By Georgie Gallagher

I need to give credit to Tracy Jardine, one of my lovely clients, for introducing me to the Bank of Dave. This is a brilliant marketing story - it's all about positioning and beating the big boys at their game. And as I'm a good Australian and always like supporting the underdog, this story really resonates with me.

Dave Fishwick is the owner of the largest mini bus business in the UK. In 2011, he found that many of the businesses he was dealing with were closing after the recession of 2008 and 2009. Large banks were turning their backs on individuals and businesses who needed a a helping hand.

Enter Dave. He decided that there needed to be a local bank that focussed on people and returning to what banks used to be all about, helping people grow their businesses and provide a place to grow your money. What a novel concept! So with this in mind, Dave started his own bank - Burnley Savings and Loans.

At Dave's bank, there are no credit score checks, just old fashioned personal service where each loan is considered on a case by case basis. Burnley Savings and Loans has strong brand values of treating people as people. They have only had one loan default since they have been open. Interestingly they are not the cheapest loan option but provide a solid alternative to other banks. 

Burnley Savings and Loans is here to provide an innovative savings and loans facility to the people and businesses of Burnley and East Lancashire. We can provide rates for savers and borrowers that beat those offered by the high street banks and we’ll do it with genuine personal service for our customers.
— Burnley Savings and Loans Website

This is a great story of David and Goliath - and how a clear brand proposition for your business is so important for success. Read more about Burnley Savings and Loans here.

And here's a great article written last year by London Loves Business.


  • 5% AER on savings
  • 8.9% flat (typical APR 17.4%) to 14.9% flat (typical APR 29%) on loans
  • Burnley Savings and Loans uses a peer lending system with all loans personally guaranteed by Dave Fishwick
  • In the first 6 months, the bank had taken 62 deposits totalling £110,000 and made 103 loans totalling £365,000

Happy Marketing,


Georgie Gallagher is the founder of Wildmoon, a specialist marketing agency for manufacturing and B2B businesses based in Perth and Western Australia. Wildmoon helps with brand development, marketing strategy, marketing communications and strategic content marketing.