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Are Your Emails Being Read? 10 Best Practices from Madison Logic

Email marketing

by Georgie Gallagher

Madison Logic published 10 email best practices which I think are great and worth sharing. Email is not dead - it's integral to any good strategic content marketing strategy so let's make it work for you.

  1. Punctuation is unnecessary (the online world isn't stuck on correct grammar).

  2. Capital letters result in lifted engagements (e.g. Read This Email).

  3. Personalisation increases open click rates by 22% (Hi Georgie...).

  4. Keep the character count to a minimum - Mailchimp suggests 50 characters or less.

  5. Use clear, non-salesy words.

  6. Focus your message to fulfill the promise of the subject line.

  7. Questions spike interest and the 'call to action' of the viewer. and encourage click through.

  8. Colour counts - use colour in your call to action button.

  9. A/B Testing is important to constantly test and improve your open rates - if you have a large enough database to work with.

  10. Ensure your design is responsive on mobile devices and tablets.

Want more? Here's a more in-depth article from Mailchimp about subject lines - click here.

Happy Marketing,


Georgie Gallagher is the founder of Wildmoon, a specialist consultancy focussing on brand development, marketing strategy, marketing communications and strategic content marketing for SMB's.