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Never heard of Duct Tape Marketing?

Don't worry. It's not a household name in Australia - yet. 

Duct Tape Marketing was founded by John Jantsch, a super terrific guy from Kansas City, who has dedicated his working world to helping small and mid tier businesses get ahead with their marketing. Just the same as Wildmoon.

His philosophy is developing effective marketing strategies using a variety of affordable solutions (hence the name Duct Tape), that produce big business results. Again, a very similar philosophy to what we have been doing for 15 years with Wildmoon. 

Strategy before tactics is his mantra - and our ethos. 

John's whole philosophy is about building marketing systems that work. And we just love that. This structure, and the myriad of cool tools and the latest from the world of marketing, is what we can bring to you as a business. Plus we have access to over 70 marketing consultants worldwide so we can brainstorm what has worked and what hasn't worked - and what could produce the best results for you. This is a very powerful ally to have.

What's Duct Tape's Definition of Marketing?

Getting someone, who has a need, to know, like and trust you
— John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing

Using this definition, John has reinvented the sales funnel and turned it into the Marketing Hourglass. Through this process, we help you develop ways to allow your customers to go through a customer journey where they gradually get to know you and build trust in your business. This leads to sales, repeat purchases and ultimately leads to referrals.


Know - Like - Trust - Try - Buy - Repeat - Refer

For more, check out the free downloads for some very cool Duct tape Marketing information on how to get started right now in developing your marketing. 

Duct Tape Marketing + Wildmoon means we can really deliver results for you.

Call us to get started on 08 9383 2676 or contact us here.

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